Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Wed - HP not planning to spin off printer business

Mark Hurd, recently appointed head of Hewlett-Packard has rejected calls to spin off the highly profitable printer business.

He does not believe that HP is more valuable broken up. Instead, he wants to ensure that the division has room to grow more vigorously, particularly now that it faces greater competition from Dell.

Hurd says that they will spend more on R&D at the printer dividion and get more aggressive with it. HP is already creating painful waves in the market through cut-throat printer pricing.

Mr Hurd aslo stated that he has no plans to spin off the PC business as it underpins much of the other businesses at HP. So, it looks as though Hurd plans to keep Ms Fiorina's strategy in tact, instead focussing on making all the HP businesses perform better and integrate more efficiently. We think he is on the right track. Results seem to be showing through already.

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