Friday, October 14, 2005

Fri - Spielberg teams up with EA to make video games

Steven Spielberg has agreed to make three original video games with Electronic Arts. He has signed a long term agreement with the worlds largest video games publisher.

This demonstrates how the games industry has gone from a niche player into a major creative force in the entertainment world. This also reveals how convergence is happening in the media industry as big-budget games are made with Hollywood production values for next-generation consoles.

Splielberg seems fascinated by the interactive nature of the medium as well as presumably by the games industry's recent ability to deliver blockbuster follow-on movies.

Next month sees the release of the Xbox 360 console by Microsoft, which takes video games into a new generation of high-definition quality with increased processing power enabling more realistic movement and movie-like interactions. Sony launches the next generation Playstation next year, featuring their powerful Blu-ray high-definition technology.

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