Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tues - Intel launches dual core processors

Intel has begun shipping its first “chips with two brains” for servers running with two processors inside.

The world’s biggest chipmaker said its new product, which trails a similar offering by its rival Advanced Micro Devices by several months, would offer a 50 per cent improvement in performance.

Its dual-core Xeon processor for dual-processor servers will effectively provide four machines or eight threads for a computer to divide its workload and offer better performance with lower power requirements.

Intel has had to pull forward their planned launch of dual processors thanks to the success AMD has been enjoying in the x86 server segment. Intel is being aggressive with pricing, which may force AMD to respond. The questions analysts are asking themselves is whether this is just stop-gap technology from Intel or a real advance in their processor architecture.

But, Dell have announced buying into Intel's Xeon processors. With AMD yesterday stating that they plan to triple their manufacturing capacity, and Intel's pricing of the Xeon processors out of the gate - I smell a potential price war around the corner for the No1 and No2 computer processor suppliers.

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