Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thurs - Ebay back on growth track

Ebays most recent quarter showed that the worlds largest online auction company is back on track for solid growth. The industry has for a little while been predicting that Ebay's growth in more mature markets was levelling off - which at one point has to happen. I guess just not quite yet.

Revenues in the US rose by 29% to $450M, which is the strongest growth rate recorded in the last 4 quarters. International revenues grew by 43% to $409M and revenues for PayPal rose by 44% to $247M, which was a slowdown from 59% in the corresponding period.

Total revenues for the quarter came to $1.1bn, up 37% on a year earlier. Net income reached $255M.

It looks like Ebay is recovering solidly. They seem to be firing on most cylinders. Lets see of they can make Skype perform for them too. The spotlight is certainly on them to ensure it does. Ebay have announced that they expect $200M of revenues from Skype next year. They have even sent their CFO over as President of Skype to make sure.

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