Monday, October 24, 2005

Mon - Office 12 gets its debut today

Microsoft's hugely profitable Office suite is to unveil its latest incarnation as Office 12 is revealed later today.

The focus seems on innovating for the corporate sector rather than for consumers as business intelligence features are added. Plus you will be able to share data better and access rights improve. The example of different members of a team being able to better work on different parts of a coporate spreadsheet is cited.

Look and feel seems set to change as Office gets a whole new user interface and as Excell gets visualisation tools. I must say nothing about Office 12 seems to get me all hot under the collar, but lets see what Microsoft's keeping up their sleeve for later today.

And they will need a hell of a release next year to persuade us all to upgrade and to hold the increasingly legitimate and confident open source guys back.

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