Friday, October 21, 2005

Fri - Google soars

Well, Google does it again! Google announced record revenues of $1.048bn for the three months to end Sept. They're up a whopping 108% over the year-ago period. Net income jumped to $437M. Their results were way ahead of the most optimistic estimates of analysts.

And Google seem to be firing on all cylinders. New products such as Gmail and Google Earth, in particular, created a traffic surge. Also, large companies seem to be increasingly shifting their marketing spending into search-related advertising. A trend that still has a long way to run. Fuelled by the fact that people spend more time searching particularly with the better experience form broadband.

Plus, revenues from Google's own sites jumped 20% percent from the preceding 3 months. These results also provide two interesting industry dilemma's - 1) how do yahoo respond and 2) what should Time Warner do with AOL? Do they get together with Microsoft and try to create another real competitor to Google or do they ride the Google wave and hitch up with them. The conclusion will greatly affect all the portal players going forwards.

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