Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thurs - an all new browser enters the market

On Oct. 5, a Palo Alto-based startup called Flock takes the wraps off what it's calling a "social browser." Unlike plain-vanilla browsers such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Flock's browser is built specifically for a new, emerging generation of Web users, one that isn't satisfied passively browsing media online.

Flock hopes to turn the browser into a dashboard for collaborating, blogging, sharing photos, reveling in a raft of other group activities that have recently caught fire online.

The reviewers are raving about Flock's approach both in terms of innovation and technology. And Flock are just the latest in a series of attempts to challenge Microsoft's dominace in the browser space. Mozilla's Firefox and Opera are innovating well and gaining traction. Mind you, it's always dangerous to try and challenge one of Microsoft's monoploy products - but, with open source solutions and momentum, there may be more to these challenges.

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