Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thurs - Apple creates havoc with chip shortage

Well, you know that Apple are back in a big way when one of their product categories creates a world chip shortage. I guess Apple only ever dreamed of reaching such product power with their computers. But, instead they are now achieveing such lofty heights with the venerable iPod!

Creative Technologies, Apple's biggest rival in the portable digital music player market has come out screaming that Apple have hogged supplies of flash memory chips in advance of this Xmas buying season to the extent that they are now creating worldwide shortages and even forcing consolidation amongst MP3-player manufacturers.

Apples seems to have struck such a far reaching and price efficient deal with Samsung, the biggest memory chip maker, that they have created an industry-wide shortage of 1 gigabyte flash memory chips such as those used in the Nano.

Not that Apple's iPod really faces much competition at the moment, but this sure seems one hell of an efficient way for them to keep strengthening their market leadership position.

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