Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tues - Sony fires back the latest salvo in the battle for next generation DVD

Sony has claimed the latest victory in the almost daily salvo between the Japanese electronics flagship and rival Toshiba for the next generation high-definition DVD format.

Today Sony tells us that Paramount Pictures has expressed support for their Blu-ray Disc DVD by saying that it will release titles capable of being played on that format. Last December Paramount announced that they would release titles on Toshiba's competing format. So, it is not yet clear whether Paramount intends to support both formats or has now chosen to switch to Sony's Blu-ray.

Winning over the movie studios is the key to deciding which format will ultimately win. Up until Paramount's moast recent decision, the studios seemd evenly split in their support of the two formats. But, with Paramount's backing Sony has now stated that 60% of US filmmakers have declared their support for Blu-ray.

Among other Hollywood studios, Walt Disney and Sony Pictures Entertainment back Blu-ray, with Universal Pictures and Warner Bros supporting Toshiba's HD DVD.

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