Saturday, October 15, 2005

Sat - Yahoo latest to join AOL auction

Well, it looks like Yahoo is the latest to join the auction for AOL. And the rumour mill also states that News Corp have also had a look but decided not to proceed.

A Microsoft or Google/Comcast combination still looks the most likely outcome, but hey, why not increase the number of bidders. And in the mean time Time Warners stock keeps pipping up, which may be what Parsons was after all along.

Now we get to see if Parsons is as good at choosing the best strategic partner for AOL as he is at creating a bidding war scenario. If I was Parsons and all things were equal, I would probably go with Microsoft, so long as the relatinship is v tight and AOl the portal of choice for Microsoft well into the future.

But, hey, for now Time Warner has choices - so it should end well for AOL, which is more than can be said for the last time they did a big deal!!

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