Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tues - PartyGaming in trouble again

PartyGaming shares fell 10% yesterday as the internet poker operator changed its relationship with Empire Online, the marketing group that seems to get them a lot of their players. The news also stuffed up Empire's shares that fell more than 33%.

Goes to show just how jittery investors remain of the online gambling sector - particularly as legal issues with US players remains an unsolved mystery. ParyGaming seems to be the lightning rod for much of the investor angst. Their share price last tumbled on a couple of months ago as thery had to announce a surprise slowing in player growth rates.

And just to keep the fun going for those of us watching online gamblings public company shenanigans - Trident, an Isle of Man-based sports betting and technology company looks like their to go public as they announce their planned IPO next year that could value them at just under $200M. Watch this space - its better than any Disney roller-coaster.

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