Monday, October 10, 2005

Mon - Growth in mobile handset sales set to continue

Nokia has stated that they believe that the growth in mobile handset sales is set to continue into next year, defying analyst predicitions of an imminent slowdown.

Analysts believed that over the next couple of years worldwide sales would slow markedly from the 30% growth seen last year. This is because of saturation in ownership levels for mobile phones in developing countries.

But, Nokia believes that the analysts have underestimated the frequency with which maturer markets are willing to replace handsets, thanks to newer technologies such as 3G and smartphone devices for mobile email and internet surfing. Nokis also believe that there is considerable demand for cheap handsets from developing regions such as the Middle East, the Gulf and Africa.

Nokia are having to review their volume numbers upward month-by-month. Nokia, last month, raised their guidance for 3rd quarter earnings. And they believe that next years growth will be strong too. Nokia does also seem to be benefitting from a successful restructuring over the last couple of years and their new initiatives into smartphones and the corporate sector.

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