Monday, October 31, 2005

Mon - AT&T lives on!

It may be that AT&T is fast becoming the gopher of business. Ya just can't squash 'em. Just when everyone thought the AT&T brand was dead it's now back with a vengeance!!

When Cingular bought AT&T mobile they were quick to jettison the AT&T brand in favour of cingular.

As SBC bought the rest of the AT&T empire everyone thought they would do the same. So, the AT&T brand and institution seemed to be finally dead and buried.

But no! AT&T is back as never before. SBC has instead surprised everyone by jettisoning their brand in favor of AT&T. Apparently one of the reasons is that in research they found that 98% of people in the US were aware of the AT&T brand - and just think how much more relevant it is in the international market place.

So, SBC will be re-branded AT&T. But, no news yet on whether they will also adopt AT&T's iconic T ticker.

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