Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tues - Sun launches innovative new server line

Sun Microsystems is taking a bold step in its bid to reverse its sliding market share with the announcement of a new line of servers based on an innovative processor that has up to eight “cores”, or brains.

By making it possible to handle more computing tasks on a single chip, while also reducing the electrical power needed to run the machines, the new servers represent a crucial part of Sun’s attempt to stem the loss of customers to the low-cost, standardised servers based on processors from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices.

The "Niagara" servers are a big bet for the company that continues to try and buck industry standard server design and one that desperately needs to differentiate their higher cost servers against the likes of Dell and HP and to try and keep up with the IBM's etc.

Sun are making a lot of bets at the moment and a lot of announcements. Let's hope their fortunes improve for the long term. They certainly are an innovator. I can't help feeling though that they still need a transformative M&A deal to really steer them out of the woods for the long term.

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