Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thurs - Microsoft to launch online listings service

Microsoft is after Google. It's official. After the somewhat over hyped launch of live! Microsoft has now followed Googles launch of Google Base, the online listings service and has announced that they are about to launch their own version called Fremont.

MSN, Microsoft’s online services arm, has been testing a new service that would let internet users enter details of personal items in a specially designed database. Information in the database would then be made search-able by Microsoft’s internet search engine, or could be restricted to a limited group of personal contacts.

The service, code named Fremont, a reference to a Seattle neighbourhood that plays host to a busy Sunday market, has been available in test form to Microsoft employees since last week, and could be set for a public test in the coming weeks.

I'd get increasingly worried if I was any traditional newspaper, national or local. The trend is clear. Online listings, classifieds and directories are moving online. That's the future.

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