Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wed - Hollywood does a deal to halt web piracy

The US movie industry won an important breakthrough in its fight against online piracy yesterday as it struck a deal with BitTorrent, the creator of a technology that is widely used for copying movies and TV shows illegally over the internet.

By creating a quicker way to download data-intensive video files, BitTorrent's technology has become the basis for the first widespread internet distribution of movies and TV shows. Wisely, the Motion Picture Association of America has agreed to help BitTorrent turn their technology into one which focuses on enabling the legal distribution of movies and TV.

Under the agreement, the search engine at will remove links to any pirated material. The agreement could also lead to the eventual adoption of BitTorrent's technology by the studios. It does at least seem as though the movie industry is learning from the painful lessons of the music industry, who failed for so long to curb web piracy.

It will also be interesting to see if BitTorrent can make it to become a legal service - after all, all attempts in the music industry failed. But, hey, BitTorrent also announced raising a bunch of money with a VC. Oh, that should do it!!

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