Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thurs - Nokia getting big on multimedia converged handsets

Nokia is about to launch a bunch of multimedia handsets that they hope will allow them to steal a march on the market as they anticipate a merger of the telco industry with information technology, consumer electronics and broadcasting.

Their new N series handsets will allow users to watch and record live TV and exchange content like music and photos with electronic equipment in the home. They are also introducing a new internet browsing tool which will enhance the internet experience on a small display.

Their new N series for corporates will allow email users to send attachments on mobil phones more securely and easily. This could be bad news for Blackberry.

Nokia believes that the market for such multimedia or smartphone devices will double to 100M next year. This is becoming a major niche in the overall mobile landscape. I can't help feeling Nokia is really onto something. Oh, so when will they announce something with Google - everyone else is!

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