Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thurs - US retains control of the internet - for now

The US will keep control of the internet worldwide for the forseeable future, under a hard fought deal reached with international negotiators only hours before Tunis' World Summit on the information society, which opened yesterday.

The EU and other governments had called for an end to the exclusive authority of the US Commerce Department to authorise changes in the master directory of internet addresses worldwide, which is operated by Icann.

The deal leaves the status quo untouched but does commit the US to start the process of increasing cooperation with other countries on a more equal footing.

This leaves the management of the internet to Icann and is a good thing. They have proved to be responsible and efficient and the US Commerce Department doesn't seem to meddle. Moving the internet to becoming managed by an international committee could be a disaster and slow progress considerably.

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