Friday, November 18, 2005

Fri - HP getting back in shape

Mr Hurd does it again. 4th quarter revenues and earnings are up. Revenues are up 7% on last year at $22.9bn and earnings less a $1.1bn charge are up at $1.7bn. And costs cuts are ahead of plan with 15,300 job cuts as opposed to the plan of 14,500.

It seems as though Mr Hurds focus on operational excellence is paying off. It is interesting how HP's fortunes are now improving just as Dell's are not. Oh, the tech business, always full of swings and roundabouts.

The future for HP looks bright too. The test of Hurd and his board will be what to do with HP going forward. Should it sell some pieces off? Should it focus more heavily on corporates at the expense of its consumer products and should it get more into services. Well, time will tell. But at least they are doing a good job for now of executing largely on Fironia's vision.

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