Monday, November 28, 2005

Mon - Swiss government stops Swisscom from growing abroad

The Swiss government has just set of a major controversy both at home and abroad as they seek to scupper Swisscom's attempts at growing internationally by acquiring Eircom of Ireland and maybe even TDC, the Dutch operator.

So as the Swiss government reminds us all of just how important it is in this modern world to ensure that governments are kept as far away as possible form the running of their countries companies, I can't help feeling that they will not back down.

And like a Swiss army penknife going through soft swiss chocolate (ooh, its making me hungry), it looks like the government may end up having to sell off Swisscom to ensure they cannot interfere again. But, this may not happen soon enough to halt the scuppering of deals with Eircom and TDC or even the en masse resignation of the top team at Swisscom.

All this just so that the Swiss government don't lose the nice dividends they get from Swisscom every year. And who said the Swiss were diplomatic and balanced.

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