Monday, November 21, 2005

Mon - Microsoft goes boom with the Xbox

Microsoft starts selling the Xbox in the US at midnight tonight. Finally they have a real steal on the competition in the vital games console market. They also now have their second key connected device to penetrate the worlds living rooms.

And Microsoft have a huge one year lead over their rivals, for the next generation of Sony's and Nintendo's new devices are not expected to start shipping until next October or even November.

And Microsoft are not a company to waste such a lead. Expect Xbox sales to take off starting tonight. This should allow Microsoft to take their share of the market for video games consoles to a close second to Sony by the end of next year. That leaves Nintendo in trouble.

And finally it looks like the much heralded dawn of true multimedia, connected games consoles for the bright screen, AI, bradband world is on us. Better get down to your local Best Buy fast. Where are my car keys!

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