Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tues - Sprint challenges Apples iTunes

Sprint today announced the launch of their direct-to-mobile music download service to rival Apple's iTunes and Motorla's ROKR.

The Sprint Music Store will enable Sprint Nextel subscribers to choose from 250,000 songs from all 4 major music labels and download them for $2.50. This is more expensive than iTunes 99c's, but you get two copies of each song - one direct to your mobile and one to your PC.

Currently Apple's iTunes is only downloadable to your PC or music player. The Motorola ROKR downloads songs from the PC, not from their mobile network. Srpint Nextel is launching devices made by Sanyo and Samsung which will enable the service.

This looks to me like the first truly meaningful challenge to iTunes. The idea of a mobile phone becoming as powerful as a music player in both downloading and storing songs is compelling. Expect other carriers to come out with similar services soon, putting even more pressure on Apple.

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