Saturday, July 22, 2006

Zune, Zune, Zune - Microsoft socks it to Apple

Microsoft has finally had enough of watching Apple rule the digital music roost (and as a result handheld computing market) with the runaway success of the iPod and is to launch their own version of iPods and iTunes called Zune!

Zune devices will be wireless using Wi-Fi and will feature collaboration tools down the road as the Xbox does. They´ll be available by Xmas - hey, that´s what they said about Vista?!

Apple will have to respond as this is the first serious challenge to their digital music franchise which now amounts to one third of their entire revenues. Expect a wireless iPod by Xmas and Apple to accellerate into a combination mobile phone and iPod as well as intelligent TV´s - the iTV.

I´m only left with one lingering question - given the success of Apple´s Intel Macs - will Microsoft launch a bundled all Microsoft PC? And what will it be called? How about MacZune or macaroni? I knew I should have been a branding expert. Oh, and don´t steal this one Seattle - I might just have patents!!


Anonymous said...

it is funny to me how so many people think this is "serious competition."
When was the last time that Microsoft came out with an innovative product? Have they ever really? As for the liklihood of any esthetically displeasing MSFT DAP (let's face it, Apple blows everybody out of the water when it comes to industrial design) being a threat to the iPod culture, it is slim to none. The only people who should be worried are the other DAP companies.

Bill D said...

I'm just waiting for Wimax and mobile pc functionality so I can really work and browse on the go.