Friday, July 07, 2006

Radioshack hire new CEO - poor luvvie!

Radioshack have hired a new Chairman and CEO, called Julian Day, with retail turnaround experience from Safeway, Sears and Kmart. Given that each of these groups were once right royal lemons, he seems to have the right blend of experiences.

Radioshack though does present quite a different level of confusion as it is hard for anyone to figure out what they stand for. Do you? If so, please feel free to right in and tell us - or even better tell the new CEO as I'm sure he's dying to find out.

Until then we'll keep shopping at Best Buy. Mind you the new Apple stores are quite sexy.


MPD said...

Do you know how much he will get paid by radioshack?

Day will receive a base annual salary of $1 million, participation in the company's bonus plans and stock options, the company said.

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