Friday, July 28, 2006

Microsoft's Ozzie declares the PC is dead - long live the PC!!

Microsoft's Ray Ozzie has declared the end of the PC era!! Proving what a smart cookaracha he is and why Billie boy Gates is on the beach in Africa rather than directing software supremo Microsoft through its next techno transformation....

Ozzie of course states that the future is bright for the future is Internet services (yawn), and then goes on to tell us that this move (to Internet services dummies - keep up!) will turn computing on its head. I hate to correct such a luminary - but hasn't the move already happened and already turned things on their heads - particularly Microsoft?!!

Oh, and Ray's strategy for success lies in Windows Live and Zune - proving yet again again that Google and Apple's iTunes are all he cares about really! Really?

Let's see. In the mean time I'll stick to Google and Apple to win Web 2.o for now. Sorry Ray!

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