Friday, July 21, 2006

Google, Apple and Yahoo new tech pin ups - WIntel the dogs!

How things have changed! Google, Yahoo and Apple are the new tech stars. This week they all demonstrated stellar and continued kick ass growth that would make any investor wobble at the knees.

Apple kicked off flogging mre than 8 million iPods in the quarter and continue to dominate the space and decimate the competition - while Mac sales are finally on the rise again, up 12%, thanks to their awesome new Intel chip range.

Google almost doubled revenues and earnings whle Yahoo blew revenues through the roof - with earning yet to follow.

Meanwhile Microsoft ad Intel disappointed yet again with Intel announcing yet another bold re-org!!

The new tech order is taking shape with WIntel the dinosaur´s and Google, Apple and Yahoo the future. Unless of course Microsoft buys Yahoo - then of course it'll be ding ding all change yet again!

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