Thursday, July 06, 2006

Intel and Motorola invest in WiMAX leader Clearwire

Intel is investing $600 million in Clearwire Corp., a company led by cellular pioneer Craig McCaw, as part of a $900 million investment that could help spur adoption of WiMAX.

Motorola will also chuck a tonne of money into the WiMAX champion and buy their hardware division.

Clearwire, based in Kirkland, Wash., sells wireless Internet access in 26 metropolitan markets in the US, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark and Mexico. The company's service is based on a precursor to WiMAX but has been expected to convert to the newer technology.

The three compnaies together plan to develop WiMAX technologies and standards together as well as speed up its adoption, which will help Intel sell more wireless chips over time and give Motorola a hedge against mobile networks.

This deal is a major bost for WiMAX - and about time, for the wireless technology holds enormous promise.

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