Thursday, July 06, 2006

It's official - Ebay are scared ****less of Google!

Today it became official across most of the business press that Ebay are indeed afraid of Google and so are their investors. The papers and Internet sites are buzzing with the news that Ebay's head of PayPal seems to have resigned and as a result Whitman has instigated a major management reshuffle - which is corporate mumbo jumbo voodoo doooodooooo for "Oh, shit, we're up the panny without Pampers!".

And Ebay are indeed - largely thanks to Google. First they launched Google Base (what a disastrous name!) which is a monstrous, free classified service that could eat at some of Ebay's lower lying Web auction fruit.

Then last week Google launched Checkout, which over time could challenge Ebay's PayPal. All of this has royally spooked Ebay's investors such that their share price has regularly tumbled.

Soon Ebay stock may become so cheap that Microsoft will finally buy them - or, how about Google??!!

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