Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Microsoft smashed by the European Union!

Today is a black day for Microsoft!

The European Commission fined Microsoft 280.5 million euros ($357.3 million) today to punish its failure to comply with a landmark 2004 antitrust ruling.

This is a political first and to make matters worse the EU has stated that if Microsoft does not comply by 31 July this year they will face a further Euro3M fine per day!!

Oooh, poor 'ol Microsoft! - Not.

And to make matters yet worse, worse (as if they could be) Gates seems to be announcing that Wondows Vista will still not be ready next January - handing a boon to both Linux and the Open Source community as well as Apple.

But, to try and push some good news out there (boy do they need that!) Ballmer (why's it always him with the good news?) has announced that Vista will be a blockbuster (??) and Microsoft will next year compete with Proving what we said a while ago - that Google should buy Salesforce.

Good luck to ya, Microsoft.

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