Monday, July 10, 2006

PC makers change ads to sizzle and sex!

First HP did it, then Apple and now Dell are at it. They are all changing the style of TV adverts that they pump at us. No longer do they talk about processor speed or memory size or price (thank the Lordy), now they are using consumer electronic talk (i.e. "sexy") to lure today's consumers.

HP filmed celelbrities talking about how their particular HP PC changes their digital life and powers their video editing, movie sharing, music, blogging, coffee making et al.

Then Apple hit us with their new Apple dude talking to chubby Windows PC spod and created humorous PC ads - Woah!

And today Dell have announced a new TV approach selling up their sexy gaming, video making and music playing PC's.

What next? How about Lenovo getting Bono to sing "One PC, one brand, one Lenovo"? Mmm, that should do it - not. Maybe that's why I'm not in advertising?!

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