Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Gawker Media struggling or growing up?

The worlds highest profile Blogging Network, Gawker Media, has just been attacked by the New York Times for laying off some folk and closing a couple of their underperforming sites.

Mind you, when you look at the numbers it seems to me that what Gawker founder, Nick Denton, is doing is tightening the ship up and realigning his portfolio of 15 sites to deliver better results and make more money.

The 2 sites on the block, Sploid and Screenhead, have not performed well, whereas the others now have a staggering 4+ million monthly unique visitors.

So my guess is Gawker Media, having been operating for quite a while, is now focused on profits first, so shaking the rotten apples from the tree has to happen at one point. It is also a sober reminder that blogging is becoming so competitive that any blogger need remind themselves that launching a new blog is an extremely expensive, time consuming and risky exercise.

Bloggers should beware - for like traditional magazines, it can take years and a chunk of change to establish a new title - and even then it may never be profitable. Examine regularly what your real objectives are for your blogsite.

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