Friday, July 28, 2006

The annual girlie blog conference "shows ya the money!"

The annual girlie blog conference is going on this weekend in California and it's sold out. Hosted by all female (author) blog network BlogHer, the conference has attracted over 700 attendees, proving at least that there are still a bunch of future bloggers trying to figure out what this blogging thang is all about!

But the programme looks good whether you are new to blogging or nearly new - which covers a few hundred million by the look of the latest looney blog stats.

A key theme of the conference is how to make money from blogging - and if you believe all the BlogHer propaganda it's simple - become a woman and join the BlogHer network as an editor - apparently 80% of them earn over $50,000.

Now that's better than a smack in the face! Mind you the sex change may hurt...

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