Monday, October 09, 2006

What will Google do with YouTube?

Well, you don't have to look hard for the lead business story today - yep, its Google snatches up YouTube for a mere $1.65bn (in Google stock).

And who said video over the Internet isn't as hot as a baked potato! It is - and Google/YouTube is now the clear leader (with over a third of the market).

Google promise that the two sites will be run independently, bla bla bla!

YouTube's founders, Hurley (is he Liz's brother?) and Chen, are worth a mountain of Google beans and every smart alec with a web 2.0 video business plan is kicking themsleves for not being YouTube.

And we told you Google would beat News Corp to the checkbook for YouTube - News Corp are just too tight fisted.

And the hundred million dollar/video download question is what the hell will Google do with YouTube? How about more Time Warner/CBS type deals and loads of music videos.

Expect Google to become the catch-all mass market place to post/view/rent any video on the planet - leaving iTunes as the upmarket place to own, manage and carry your movies around as well as flashing them throughout your home!

We'll use both!

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