Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tech giants report another mixed bag of results - what's up?

More tech giants announced their latest results today and it was another mixed bag, with AMD disappointing as Intel competition hit their margins, ebay improving a little and Apple blowing the market away.

Apple and Google (that report later this week) are proving to be the consistent winners in the tech universe.

Why? Because they both consistently innovate ahead of the market and know how to listen to and delight their customers. Innovation is the norm and speed/flexibility the name of the game.

Apple's iPod just keeps dominating and their all new Intel Macs have only one way to go - up. Probably right up to the point where they grab 20% of the PC market worldwide. But they'll need the iTV to revive the desktop space.

The iPhone mobile phone, to be launched at MacWorld in January will take them into an all new product category and a next wave of growth.

So, save some Xmas money for it!

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