Monday, October 23, 2006

Big Blue sues Amazon!

IBM has decided to aim their big ass blue guns at poor little ol' (yeah right) Amazon as they are a little narked at the e-commerce sites abuse of one of their few gazillion patents.

Amazon seem to violate 5 IBM patents, including technologies that govern how the site handles customer recommendations, advertising and data storage. (Zzzzzzzz...)

IBM swears that they have been trying to negotiate with Amazon for a bunch of years and that "they are reasonable people," (IBM folk of course).

In the mean time IBM keeps rockin' out ever more patents, they received 2,941 US patents in 2005, for the 13th year more than any other company.

Their 'Patents' division now earns more than $1bn a year, which means many more company's can look forward to getting their asses sued by Big Blue!

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