Friday, October 20, 2006

Sony unveil PlayStation 3 - does it rock?

Sony today kicked the formal PlayStation 3 marketing wheel into action in San Francisco.

And it looks cool - even if still somewhat over-priced. So, if you don't mind paying laptop prices, its the one for you.

And it'll take you online for free (un)like a notebook, even giving you a (Opera) browser, photo and video playback, messaging, basic social networking (whatever that means) and more.

Oh and there will be games available at launch - they promise - in fact 24 in all.

Plus the first 500,000 PlayStation 3's will include a free film with Colin Farrell - thanks to Sony Pictures (funny that).

Do you get value for money given that it costs nearly twice as much as the Nintendo Wii (Wee)? Probably not, but its a PlayStation so who cares!

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