Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Google set for video-ad deal with MySpace and Yahoo/MSN get to lick more wounds

Google is already flexing their newly discovered media power broking muscles (not a nice image), post acquiring YouTube, as they are scheduled to sit down with none less than Ruppie (Bear) Murdoch over their relationship with MySpace.

Its almost a love triangle.

And it seems Murdoch is miffed that they lost out to Google in the YouTube non-auction, but for the right slice of Google dosh (hey, at least they don't want options) of course they're anyone's.

Which means we can all expect a deal over video-ads at MySpace. And given the rates currently being charged (I know isn't it a scandal!) for Web video-ads, there should be loads of lolly to share. Tough luck TV networks.

In the mean time Yahoo and MSN are looking dafter than ever for losing the YouTube deal and may have to merge after all!

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