Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sprint Nextel in deep doodoo!

Sprint Nextel is looking almost as executive'd out as Airbus (surely not!) as the recent defection of their COO has been today followed by the resignation of their Chairman Tim Donahue. Yep, the guy that made Nextel great.

And according to the company,

"His decision to give up both roles at the end of this year surprised some industry watchers. Sprint Nextel nevertheless insisted that his departure was voluntary and said a successor would be named to the executive chairman’s position shortly."

Which is corporate mumbo jumbo for oh shit we're right up the Keiber pass now and got no one to replace him (yet), but lets pretend like this is just business as usual. HELP!

And they need all the help they can get, 'cos being number 3 is never a good place to be - and the smaller players, T-Mobile in particular, want to eat their lunch.

Hey, they could pull off another merger - that should mask the real internal mess for a while longer. And maybe I should be Chairman!

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