Thursday, October 12, 2006

Palm launches consumer Treo and promises they are not for sale(?)

Palm has announced that they too plan to launch a mass market (they wish) smartphone. I.e. an expensive PDA with a mobile phone attached - oh, and a camera, video and digital music. But I like my iPod?!

Palm are following Nokia who announced their consumer oriented smartphone (does that make all other phones dumb?), the E61 (awesome branding!) and Motorola with their Q!!!

Not to be left out BlackBerry have announced a consumer version too. How exciting!

Not wishing to put too much of a damper on things - are consumers really ready for mini-computer like (smart) phones? Or do they really just want to talk.

Remember the PDA market never got past a small niche of business execs, IT folk and richies. How much further can the smartphone really go?

Oh, and in a somewhat wierd aside Palm's CEO promises they are not for sale - which is mumbo jumbo voodoo corporate chatter for 'buy us please!'

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