Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Samsung to take on Motorola with even slimmer mobile phones

Samsung is to take on the hottest selling US mobile phones - the Slvr from Motorola with an even thinner phone - proving yet again that the consumer loves small mobile phones. And in the US users are likely to have multiple devices such as mobile phones, PDA's/Blackberry's and iPods.

Equipped with a color screen for playing videos and an external memory slot, the silver, candy-bar-shaped t509 phone is 9.8 millimeters thick, which makes it thinner than the 11.5-millimeter Slvr, a sibling of the clamshell Razr.

Samsung is on a rip this year and plans to launch a barrage of new cell phones and MP3 digital music players. Motorola, Nokia and Apple need watch their backs. Samsung's breathing down teir necks.

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