Thursday, April 13, 2006

Google launches web calendar - another milestone for the diary market?

Google have finally done it. Today they launch Google Calendar in the US. And boy is this something I should know about - given that my ancestors were the inventors of commercial calendars/diaries over 200 years ago!

I have been predicting for 20 years that the calendar/diary market would go digital and the Google announcement is just another step in the relentless and endless drive to diary digitisation. Everyone laughed at me 20 years ago - now they can't understand how anyone can use anything other than a digital diary/calendar.

And Google have re-invented the online calendar space (as they do with most of their new product developments). Google Calendar will supposedly be more open than others, easier to share, use and tightly fused with Gmail. Plus searching calendars will be a breeze.

Now they just need to crack a ubiquitous mobile calendar and they will have their next direct challenge to Microsoft. On we go, one great step for diarykind proves another great step for Google!

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