Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Google gets serious about corporate search

Google will today launch two new enterprise search products - a new Google Search Appliance and a next generation Google Mini - targeted at large enterprises and small organizations respectively.

The new Google Search Appliance integrates Google's OneBox technology that will allows companies to offer search short cuts to commonly asked questions across their business applications, such as corporate contact directory, customer resource management and financial programs.

The search appliances have also improved security. The Google Search Appliance is for large organisations and costs $30,000 and the mini for SME's costing $2,000.

Google looks deadly serious about the corporate search space and looks to have corporate search leader Autonomy formally in their sites. If I was Autonomy I would be trembling about now.

The big question for Google is whether they may have found their first $1bn revenue business unit which is not reliant on ad revenues. If they have - that'll get the analysts singing from the trees!

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