Monday, April 24, 2006

Amazon comes up with service to deliver movies on both HD-DVD formats

Just as we all tremble in fear of the latest video format war a la VHS versus Betamax, Amazon are charging to the rescue of innocent consumers by offering a service for content owners to be able to deliver hi-definition movies in either format.

And they will publish these DVD's on-demand (i.e. made to order) so there is little of risk of being left with a bunch of inventory from whoever loses the battle that Toshiba and Sony are about to wage.

Amazon are trying to place themselves front and centre in the new digital media space. They will soon launch both their music and video download services.

Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Apple, AOL and MSN are driving digital content delivery systems worldwide. By 2010, digital content will be king and one of them will have to be it's queen.

I wonder who will win that battle? It's still wide open - but the prize will be massive.

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