Saturday, April 08, 2006

Google have a busy week!

Google had a busy week last week.

First and foremost they have revealed what their wireless Internet access modeol may look like. In their bid for the San Francisco free wireless access service they show that they will subsidise free access by offering location based advertising in their growing local listings service.

And by doing this they also provide insight and opportuntiy for wireless firms all over to reduce wireless data charges by offering such localised and digital advertising, for both Wi-Fi technology and mobile networks can pin point your location down to at least a couple of blocks.

And Google make it clear to us that both wirless search and advertising as well as Internet directory/local listings will be big business for them going forwards.

Separately Google launched a real estate search and advertising service on Google Base and a partnership with Discovery Channel to run streaming video of world leading locations on top of Google Maps.

Google had another strong week. The year is picking up for them and their stock price seems to be edging up nicely again to reflect this.

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