Monday, April 10, 2006

Leading Japanese bank switches to Apple

Leading Japanese bank Aozora is switching from an all Windows environement to all Apple Macs. They saw it as an opportunity to do a one off improvement and simplification of their systems.

Now majority-owned by US buyout fund Cerberus, Aozora is sprucing up ahead of a widely expected share listing, and it has asked Apple to outfit 2,500 work stations at its main office, data center and 17 branches.

The order has made Aozora the iPod-maker's biggest financial industry client worldwide.

And it begs the question of how many other corporate users will switch to Apple now they have Intel chips and the ability ot run Windows XP on Macs (thanks to Apple's new software). I think that Microsoft and Dell may have a more dangeroius competitor in Apple than ever they thought.

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