Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yahoo's Yang Dumped

Yahoo's Jerry Yang has chucked the towl in and resigned/er, been dumped as CEO of his cheer-leading, tree-hugging portal on steroids (once) - proving that even celeb founders can get promoted beyond their jock straps. He's handed the search for a new CEO to jobopz, I mean, Heidricks and is off on an ice skating trip. Nice if you can.

Eric Schmidt apologized profusely and simultaneously sniggered, while the Valley is hot with rumors over who will be the next poor dumb-founded Yahoo chief jock. Palin? The bankers desperately seeking an Xmas bonus are circling with a Facebook mandate in hand. After all the Facebook team fresh from trying to raise money in Dubai have just figured that a reverse into the Yahoo public not-quite shell may be less depressing.

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