Monday, November 10, 2008

How Obama should use Social Technology as President

Arianna Huffington at the Web 2.0 Summit talked about how effective Obama was in using social media and social networking (aka Web 2.0) to win the Presidential race.

But how should he use the Internet and social tools once in office? His approach should add to the press conference - which is fine for formal, state of the nation announcements and foreign dignitary visits (Zzzz...) - but for a more personal, regular dialogue they should use the Internet. 'On dude.

Twitter and Facebook for weekly updates on government achievements. The Web in general to garner and shape the nations input and feedback on specific policies. And the new tech tzar, kong duder should not only ensure that the US continues its technology leadership position worldwide, but that the administration uses the latest tools and technologies to dramatically alter and improve the way in which the President and his cabinet/teams dialogue and interact with their people.

Shove that in your pipe and smoke it Arianna.

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