Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Linkedin App Store Scores

The Linkedin app store is live n' kickin. It actually works quite well - even though I'm not sure they've thought hard enough about the design and usability of our page once we've loaded an app. Some of them can be annoyingly intrusive.

Features apps include Amamzon's Reading List, Huddle Workspaces, Slideshare, Blog Link and Company Buzz. Most work well and should do the job for the typical profile of a Linkedin user (Zzzzzz....). I can see the myriad of consultants on the site with a desire to soup up their Linkedin pages getting into this - but not busy execs.

Venture guys with time to sit on their hands (given the market) and fear of getting caught on the golf course might as well app doodle - at least it'll look like their working.

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