Monday, November 17, 2008

Spotify Challenges iTunes

The Swedes are at it again. This time they're taking on iTunes with a free, ad based streaming music service called Spotify that also has a premium, a la Real Networks, subscription service. It looks a bit like iTunes - with Web 2.0 bells on. 

Spotify have raised a bunch of money (which is no mean feat in this market), bought a ton of music rights and gone live in closed beta (i.e. give 'em your email address and they'll get back to you one day with a free login/code... Zzzzz...).

Their premium service looks a bit pricey, they need to let us know how big their archive is and they need to get beyond closed beta. Other than that it looks cool - check it out!

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Andres said...

Hi Philip,

I took the liberty of emailing you an invite to Spotify. Hope you enjoy!