Thursday, March 05, 2009

Windows Mobile 6.5 Looks Ready!

Windows Mobile 6.5 has created some positive press. And it probably should because inch by inch the Seattle outfit has developed a half decent mobile operating system. With 6.5 Microsoft have proven that they can (and probably will) narrow the gap with Apple's iPhone. And with it Microsoft may have finally reached the end of the beginning in the mobile space.

After all, the user interface is now up to snuff and a developer community is being launched. The browser is better and sync works. So what could hold Microsoft back from re-taking the smartphone market from Apple and RIM. Well, probably Google.

But even that may not be enough - as Microsoft's charge begins. Apple's only hope to remain from PC-rerun-oblivion is to keep re-inventing the smartphone space, developing their media features (how about adding speech-to-text) and moving out of the smartphone box with a Nano phone. And Steve thought he could have a rest!

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